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Traditional massage

Location Map Leisure mall Taman segar
cheras KL Kuala Lumpur 56100 Malaysia
Phone: 010 2464 587
Contact Person: Chinta

Traditional massage

Taman segar leisure mall, cheras KL


010 2464 587

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More Attractive To A Woman's Beauty

What is beauty? Everyone has their own definition. Some people think that the most beautiful nature, some people believe that the United States the most beautiful soul ......
But we can not deny that, the appearance of the beautiful people are beautiful. In fact, like beauty is not only the maintenance and make-up, of course we should be concerned with body and health,
So Ikaido Group would like to escape the limitations of traditional beauty industry,
That women not only satisfied with external beauty, but in the physical, psychological, social and environmental aspects of adaptive capacity can be in perfect condition.
Ikaido Group is an international organization engaged in the wholesale agent and national premium brands in the health, health beauty, body products and the import and export trade. 

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