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Location Map No.69, Jalan SJ 1, Taman Setai Jaya,
Rawang, Selangor 48000 Malaysia
Phone: 03-60918996
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Invisible Gear Shift Lock, comprehensive protection for car and interior

against break-ins and theft ,anti-drilling, anti-turning, anti-sawing and etc.

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Aluminum Mosquito Yarn
Create A Healthy Home

Aluminum works in nearly three decades of rich experience with the boss Chen Zejing, in the Gombak district began six months ago opened his own store store
"Aluminum Xiu Li source", specifically to undertake all the aluminum, glass and aluminum works mosquito gauze.
"Aluminum Xiu Li source"by Chen and his wife personally and take care of and run things their hands, never entrust to people, for the sake of the best service to its customers.
It is understood that considerable competition in this industry, so the quality of service for professional image quality is absolutely a plus.
"Aluminum Xiu Li source, " the attitude of friendly, fair prices and free valuation for customers.
This time, we would like to recommend and introduce more than ten years in the aluminum market, mosquito gauze to the readers, the aim is to create a free mosquitoes for the health of every family home.
I believe many people know the existence of aluminum mosquito gauze, but we have not really understand the product features and benefits.
According to the survey, among the ten households in Taiwan, there are nine families have to install aluminum mosquito screening over the indoor environment to protect the family and family members.
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